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Articulation Station Español

Learn how to pronounce and practice all the sounds in the Spanish language with 6 engaging articulation activities. Spanish articulation practice has never been so much fun!

For iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
Articulation Station Español
Articulation Station Español Video

Articulation Station Español was created by certified Spanish speaking speech-language pathologists for parents, SLPs and other educators to help work with children and adults with speech sound delays.

It is a comprehensive articulation program offering practice at the word, phrase and sentence levels in 18 sound programs for the Spanish language.

Articulation Station Sounds

Try Articulation Station Español for FREE!

When you first download Articulation Station Español you will receive the entire P sound program to try for free. Additional sound programs can be purchased as needed from the Articulation Station Español Store within the app.

Each sound program in Articulation Station Español is priced based upon the amount of content each one offers.

Save 21% when you purchase ALL SOUND PROGRAMS at once by upgrading to Pro from within the app!

“This is one of the best speech-language therapy apps currently available in Spanish. My clients are familiar with the English version of Articulation Station Pro and are now able to work bilingually on speech sounds in both of their languages - a valuable tool for speech-language therapy!” - Georgia, SLP

Articulation Station Español Images

Over 1000 beautiful, easy to identify images

Beautiful high quality images represent target words to be practiced in 6 fun filled activities at the word, phrase, and sentence levels.

English Translations

English Translations

Show or hide English translations in each activity from within the app settings. Great for non Spanish speakers!

Note: You can also change the interface of the app to be Spanish or English by changing the region/language of your device.

To change the region/language on your iPad, open the Settings app > General > Language & Region > iPad Language

Show/Hide Articles

Show/Hide Articles

Articles are turned off by default. When you’re ready to work on words with articles simply open the setttings and turn the articles on.

Six Engaging Actitivies for Spanish Articulation Practice

  • Flashcards
  • Over 1,000 target words
  • Photographs of real objects
  • Clear neutral voice model
  • Record and playback audio
  • Matching
  • Medium level gameplay
  • Practice and score as you play
  • Fun and familiar
  • Non-distracting reinforcement
Rotating Phrases
  • Rotating Phrases
  • 3-word phrases for each target
  • Spin one or both words
  • Cute & silly word combinations
  • Always exciting!
Unique Phrases
  • Unique Phrases
  • Descriptive phrases
  • 3-5 word phrases for each target
  • Great for targeting language goals
  • Great bridge between words and sentences
Rotating Sentences
  • Rotating Sentences
  • Similar to carrier phrases
  • 3+ target words per sentence
  • Picture prompts
  • Super fun spin feature!
Unique Sentences
  • Unique Sentences
  • New sentence for every word
  • 3+ target words per sentence
  • Great for older kids
  • Great for sentence recall

Additional Key Features

Save Data & Student Profiles
  • Save Data & Student Profiles
  • Comprehensive data collection
  • Unlimited number of students
  • Email & print scores
  • Email words, phrases & sentences for homework
Create Custom Word Lists
  • Create Custom Word Lists
  • Select which words to practice
  • Save word lists for specific goals
  • Save word lists for specific clients
  • Quickly access saved lists
  • *This feature is only available with the Pro version.
Add Custom Images
  • Add Custom Images
  • Create your own flashcards!
  • Add your own unique phrase
  • Add your own unique sentence
  • Save to a specific sound program/s
  • *This feature is only available with the Pro version.

Vowels & Diphthongs

In addition to all the consonants in the Spanish Language Articulation Station Español also has vowels and diphthongs to help children with more severe speech delays.

How target words were selected

How target words were selected

Articulation Station Español is an articulation treatment program. It is specifically designed to target sounds in the Spanish language to help children and adults learn to speak more clearly. 

Each target word in the program was chosen very carefully. Articulation targets were prioritized over regional vocabulary differences. When possible, words were chosen that are common among dialects. 

To accommodate for regional preferences Articulation Station Pro Español allows you to add your own words using the custom image feature and remove words or edit word lists by using the custom list feature.

To learn more about Articulation Station Pro Español click here.

Special thanks to our

Articulation Station Español Contributors

  • Maria Ford
  • Trilingual linguist
  • (Paraguay)
  • Mia Prosser
  • Bilingual SLP-A
  • (Nicaragua)
  • Francesca Correa
  • Bilingual SLP
  • (Venezuela)
  • Jessica Bajaña
  • Bilingual SLP
  • (California)

The reviews are in!

“I love that the app takes students from word level to sentence level. It’s by far the best Spanish articulation app I have used--thorough and engaging!” –Julie, SLP

"I’m SOOO grateful to have an app with wonderful Spanish artic support! It makes my work back to LIGHT and the ability to have all those words in all positions is AMAZING!! THANK YOU!! For those of us working with Spanish-speakers there’s not a lot out there in the way of materials so being able to use something that is so professional and an actual product with this population in mind is a dream come true. Muchísimas gracias!"
–Emily, SLP

“If you are a bilingual SLP, Articulation Station Español is an app that you will find extremely useful. The vocabulary, pictures and features like keeping record of scores are easy and practical to use. I also love the immediate feedback you can mail the parents! ”
–Rafaela, SLP

“I work as a home health SLP and the majority of my patients are Spanish-speaking. I am more than in love with this app!” –Vilmarie, SLP

“I have used the English version of Articulation Station for several years now and found it to be, hands-down, the best articulation app. Spanish-speaking children make up at least half of my pediatric caseload and I have long yearned for a user-friendly interface in Spanish. Now it's here! Articulation Station Pro Español! It has everything I want in a Spanish articulation app and I highly recommend it to anyone working with Spanish-speaking clients. ”
–Casey, SLP